Please Note: Due to COVID19 we’re currently only taking bookings in Victoria and Queensland.

MotorOne Express Repairs are a rapidly expanding hub-and-spoke network with a  growing number of fixed super-sites in Queensland, NSW and Victoria, supported by a fleet of highly spec’d mobile scratch and dent panel repair vans.


Hub & Spoke Model

Running a fleet of mobile repair vans and a growing number of fixed sites gives our customers multiple choices for vehicle repairs. All backed by highly trained technicians, repairing damage at the customers home or their place of work or at one of our fixed sites.

Our Partnerships

Striving to become one of the most advanced accident repair networks in Australia, MotorOne Express Repairs seek innovative and dynamic partners who are prepared to challenge the way the industry traditionally works and at the same time, keep ourselves grounded and bring the ability to encourage our partners to exceed their expectations of us around deliverables. 

Scope of Repairs

Our focus is around two primary offerings. Firstly, more substantial yet ‘driveable’ repairs which can involve bolt-on part replacement and weld-on panels that are both OEM and Insurance approved which are completed at our fixed sites. Secondly, our more agile scratch and dent mobile service who can complete scratch and dent repairs where we come to you.

High Quality Repairs

Our core competency is repairing vehicle damage using highly trained experienced technicians with latest technology repair equipment trusted by leading Insurance groups, vehicle manufacturers, car hire companies and fleet operators. Minimising off-road time, handling repairs at pre-excess costs and delivering exceptional customer satisfaction.

Mobile Vehicle Repairs

MotorOne Express Scratch & Dent Repair Service, specialise in removing dents, scratches, dings and scrapes on any vehicle either at the customers home or place of work. You’ll be amazed what our skilled technicians can achieve in just a few hours!

What to Expect

Getting your car panels and alloy wheels fixed has never been easier. Visit our ‘get a quote’ page, simply send us a few photos of the damage, we’ll organise a day for your repair at one of our fixed sites or we can arrange for a Mobile Technician to come to you!

Our Repair Gallery

It’s of paramount importance that our repair quality is exceptional, and that our processes are clear and efficient. The before and after images offer reassurance to customers around the scope of repairs we deal with on a day-to-day basis.

What Our Partners Say.

We have a network of fixed repair centres across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Customer experience is of paramount importance. Gone are the days of dropping your car off and going without it for days at a time. Our Repair Centres deliver ‘express’ repairs, where our Technicians carry out the highest quality repairs in shorter time frames than you’d traditionally expect. In most cases ,we’re talking 1 to 3 hours, the exception is ‘all day!’MotorOne Express Repairs can deliver on this because our hi-tech mobile van fit-out and equipment allows us to manage the repair process in the most timeand cost efficient manner. It’s all about a high quality repair and getting the customer back on the road as soon as possible.

Spot the difference between small cosmetic mobile repairers and MotorOne Express Repairs.

Fundamentally the answer is in the question. Small cosmetic touch-up repairers are simply surface ‘touch-ups’. These repairers are not able to complete the quality and depth of repairs MotorOne Express Repairs can. Smaller repairers just don’t carry the hi-tech repair equipment we carry in our mobile panel repair vans.

Please Note: Due to Covid-19 we’re currently only taking bookings in Victoria and Queensland.

Our Partnerships.

We place a high value on our relationships, always seeking innovative and dynamic partners who are prepared to challenge
traditional repair techniques as well as the way the industry works and at the same time, keep ourselves grounded.

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Please Note: Due to COVID-19 we’re currently only taking bookings in Victoria and Queensland.