Any Questions?

Can I choose my repair location?

Yes! You can choose either your home or your workplace and in some instances, a fixed super site.. By the way, we can’t do repairs in underground carparks due to ventilation and also lighting restrictions, but most locations that are accessible are suitable. Our call centre can give you advice on this.

How much will the repair be?

It’s always difficult to assess without seeing the damage on the vehicle. We try to manage repairs in a matter of a few hours and substantially more conveniently than having your vehicle in a panel shop for days. Expect that if your damage is similar to the before and afters photo gallery on this site that costs in most cases will be less than your insurance excess. However, if you send us photos of your damage we can assess over the phone immediately.

Will I have to be there while my repair being completed?

Yes, you will need to be there when the technician arrives to discuss the repair and be ready to make payment after the repair has been completed.

Is my dent too large to repair?

If it’s around the size of a tennis ball ( or a little bit bigger) and smaller than an A4 piece of paper and not on the bonnet or boot, yes we can repair it with our mobile panel shops. If it’s larger or on the bonnet, boot or roof, we can potentially repair it in one of our Express Repair fixed super sites. Our call centre can give you advice on this.

Can I get my partner's car repaired at the same time?

Yes, but only if you have booked it in for a repair when you booked your vehicle in. If not, we may not be able to do the repair without notice on the same day as our mobile van technicians will already have a full schedule of repairs to complete that day. However, don’t hesitate to ask and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate your request.

How do I pay for my repair?

If your vehicle is being covered by an insurance claim, you most likely will already have the cost covered. If not, our fixed sites and our mobile van technicians have credit card / EFTPOS machines to accept payment after the repair has been completed.

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